On 31 August 2022, the Swiss federal government launched a campaign to reduce energy consumption in order to reduce the risk of energy shortages in the coming winter.

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The government stressed that there are currently no energy shortages. However, Energy Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said it was important to reduce energy consumption to avoid the risk of forced cuts.

A few weeks of energy cuts could cost the Swiss economy CHF 100 billion, warned Monika Rühl, president of economysuisse, an organization representing the interests of around 100,000 companies.

The government’s top five energy-saving tips for homes include:

  1. Cut the heating temperature. Do not heat the room above 20 degrees. Lowering the thermostat by 1 degree can reduce heating energy consumption by 10%.
  2. Keep the pot covered while cooking. Most of the energy evaporates from an open pot. The lid helps retain heat and accelerate cooking.
  3. Please turn off the lights when you leave the room. Leaving the lights on in an empty room is an unnecessary waste of energy.
  4. Completely turn off your computer and electrical appliances. Standby appliances continue to consume energy.
  5. Choose a shower over a bath. Take a short shower at 37 degrees or below, the ideal temperature to conserve your body and energy.

Not only will it help you avoid energy shortages, but by using less energy you will reduce your emissions and save money.

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