Christoph Kribaz, a member of the Greens in Valais, has demanded that subsidies given to the Swiss Tourism Board not be used to promote tourism with flight, the 20-minute report. ..

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Switzerland is busy developing sustainable tourism under the brand Swisstainable. But when tourism becomes a boom, so does aviation. So how sustainable is tourism? Ask Kribaz.

A member of the federal parliament has submitted a motion to exclude federal subsidies paid to Swiss Tourism, an organization that promotes Switzerland as a tourist destination, from spending on marketing to tourists such as Chinese and Americans. ..

Cribaz argues that promoting sustainable tourism while encouraging distant tourists to visit by plane is inconsistent. He said the return flight between Beijing and Zurich would emit 3 tonnes of CO2 and between Los Angeles and Geneva would emit 3.1 tonnes of CO2. One of these flights is equivalent to about half a year of the average person living in Switzerland, as the average Swiss resident emits 5.8 tonnes annually.

In response, the Swiss Tourism Board claims that the same emissions will occur elsewhere. Tourists choose competing destinations and fly there instead. Also, long-distance travelers stay longer, usually using public transport, traveling all year round to provide an even flow of tourism revenue that supports the infrastructure enjoyed by other tourists. Also points out.

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