Swiss public transport ticket prices remain unchanged for the seventh consecutive year. It will also make it easier to buy tickets for bikes and dog companions, reports RTS.

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Given the relatively high prices of public transport in Switzerland, the news of no price increase will be welcome. A study a few years ago showed that the cost of traveling 100 km on public transport in Switzerland was CHF 52, compared to France (CHF 19.28), Austria (CHF 14.46), Germany (CHF 14.14), Italy (CHF 13.46). francs). The Swiss franc has also appreciated significantly since then, likely offsetting the difference.

From 11 December 2022, it will be easier to purchase additional tickets for bikes and dogs. An annual dog pass is also available on a monthly basis.

Additionally, RailPlus passes are being phased out. These passes offer a 15% discount on tickets. However, they became less popular after the introduction of Super Saver tickets, offered in advance of travel on certain routes at certain times of the day.

The only prices that will rise are the fares charged by some smaller operators that operate services for tourists.

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