Swiss ski resorts may have to shut down services this winter to save electricity, RTS reported. Ski lifts and snow machines consume as much electricity as her 30,000-40,000 Swiss households consume in her one year.

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It has been suggested that the Swiss federal government may require elevator operators to cut their electricity usage by 20%.

However, the idea was met with resistance. Winter resorts provide non-essential recreation, but also essential jobs for those working in this field. According to Laurent Vaucher, head of lift operator Téléverbier in canton Valais, every franc spent on a lift pass brings 6 francs to the region.

With or without government restrictions, many ski resort lift operators are already making plans to reduce their electricity consumption.

For example, Téléverbier is considering several options. You can reduce unnecessary consumption of certain lights, portable heaters, hot water in toilets, certain elevators and escalators, etc. Another option is to slow down the elevator and stop part of the lift during the night or day.

Banning the use of ice machines is also being discussed. But this would be a big risk for ski resorts, Boucher said.

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