According to a survey of expatriates published on July 12, 2022, Switzerland ranks 43rd out of 52 countries.

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The definition of Expat is based on the sample used in the ExpatInsider2022 study. The group averaged 46 years old, with more women (52%) than men (47%), most likely to move to Switzerland for work (51%), and high salaries – 56% were 100,000. I earned more than US dollars. Nearly one-third (31%) worked in either IT, healthcare, or medicine.

Overall, Switzerland ranked 19th out of 52 destinations in the Expat Insider 2022 survey, reporting that 76% of expatriates are happy with their lives in Switzerland, but 71 worldwide. %is.

Switzerland ranks high in quality of life indicators (6th), above average in terms of working abroad (16th) and expatriate necessities (20th), but personal finance (31st). ) And the ease of settlement (43rd place) were low scores. ..

Switzerland has a great economy and good career prospects and is considered to be the leader in salary and employment stability. 94% are happy with the economy, 70% feel they are being paid fairly, and 65% agree that migration to Switzerland has improved their career prospects.

However, Switzerland was one of the most difficult destinations to settle (43rd out of 52). Foreigners rate the country particularly low by finding subcategories of friends (43rd) and local friendships (44th).
One in four (25%) describes the local population as unfriendly (17% worldwide) and 52% struggle to make local friends (37% worldwide). Not surprisingly, 32% were not happy with their social life (26% globally) and 45% were mostly friends with other foreigners (33% globally). Only 7% were mostly friends with locals (17% worldwide). “It can take years to get into social life in Switzerland. Most of my contacts were initially contacts with other foreigners,” said one French respondent.

Overall, Mexico topped the survey, followed by Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. The top five destinations stand out in terms of ease of settlement and personal finances.

The lowest rated destinations for expatriates are Kuwait, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Luxembourg,
Japan, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Malta.Kuwait was one of the worst destinations in the world
Individual index and overall ranking. In New Zealand, finding a good job is difficult and too expensive. New Zealand was the last in personal finance, with a typical living cost of 75%, but worldwide at 35%.

The survey asked 11,970 foreigners representing 177 nationalities living in 181 countries or territories to provide information on various aspects of their lives.

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