On June 9, 2022, Switzerland was elected to the United Nations Security Council with 15 members from 2023 to 2024, along with 14 other countries.

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The results were highly anticipated. Only one candidate stood in each of the five regional seats available this year. Switzerland has won 187 of the 190 possible votes. Since the vote is anonymous, the country of abstention is unknown.

The other four participants to the Security Council next year are Ecuador, Japan, Malta and Mozambique. This role is the first for both Mozambique and Switzerland. The Security Council seats will be 20 years after Switzerland becomes a member of the United Nations.

Switzerland’s President and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said the seat gave Switzerland confidence because it could show what it was doing for peace and stability, the RTS reported. According to Cassis, Switzerland’s priorities on the board are sustainable peace, climate change, security and the protection of civilians.

Political reactions to Swiss elections were mixed. All but one of Switzerland’s major political parties support this move. However, representatives of the Swiss People’s Party (UDC / SVP) have expressed their disapproval. They see it as a detriment to Switzerland’s neutrality and fear that the country may now be dragged into foreign conflict.and Tweet “With a seat on the UN Security Council, Switzerland is a decisive party to the war,” he said.

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