According to a recent survey, health care costs, pensions and climate change are the top three concerns of Swiss citizens.

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An online survey published by Tamedia on August 26, 2022 looks at support for major political parties, along with voters’ top concerns. Support for the PLR/FDP (+1.4 percentage points) and the Liberal Greens (+1.3 percentage points) has increased since the last survey on 5 January 2022. Meanwhile, the Greens (-1.4 percentage points), Socialist Party (-0.6 percentage points) and Centrist (-0.4 percentage points) all fell in the rankings. UDC/SVP rose slightly (+0.3%) and remained the most popular party in Switzerland with 25.7% support, followed by PLR/FDP (16.4%), Socialist Party (16.2%) and Central (13.4%). %), Greens (11.8%), Liberal Greens (9.2%).

When asked about voter concerns, 67% were concerned about health care costs, 60% were concerned about pension status, and 56% were concerned about climate change. Further down the list were EU relations (45%), immigration (38%) and education (36%).

Climate change is the Green Party (94% – 1st), Liberal Greens (83% – 1st), Socialism (82% – 1st), PLR/FDP (45% – 4th), and Central (60%). – 3rd) in the top 5 concerns among political parties. supporter. However, it did not make the top five UDC/SVP supporters.

Additionally, the survey asked people if they expected an energy shortage in winter. 64% believe it exists, and among women he rose to 70%.

From 15th to 16th August 2022, 26,298 people across Switzerland took part in the survey.

Tamedia Survey (German)

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