Mayor of Saillon Charles-Henri Thurre was served as a butler on June 14, 2022, during a photo shoot in Saillon, Switzerland, in a bed in a peaceful suite at the Null-Stern-Hotel (Zero-Star-Hotel).Reuters / Dennis Bali Bose

Sayon: “I couldn’t sleep” and “the room was noisy” may be a complaint that hotel owners are afraid of from guests, but for the Riklin brothers, the point of the latest “Zero Star Hotel” art installation. is.

The Swiss concept artist’s hotel room is basically a double bed on the platform, with two bedside tables and a lamp. There are no walls, ceilings or doors to provide privacy or shelter.

They set up the Nullstern Suite (Zerostar in German) on the roadside next to a gas station in the village of Saillon in Valais, southern Switzerland.

According to the twin brothers, the goal is to encourage guests to think about world issues and take different actions.

They made a similar bed in an idyllic place, but this is their first “anti-pastoral” place.

Swiss artists Frank and Patrick Ricklin pose in bed at the Biart Suite at the Nurstern Hotel (Zerostar Hotel) Reuters / Dennis Bali Bose

“Sleep isn’t important,” said Frank Rikulin. “It is important to reflect the current world situation. What remains here is a statement about the urgent need for social change.”

Guests are invited to “half sleep” to explore topics such as climate change, war, the endless quest for humanity’s perfection, and the damage it causes to the planet.

“In a nutshell, it’s not time to sleep. We have to react,” Patrick said. “If we go in the same direction as we do today, there may be more anti-pastoral places than idyllic places.”

Developed in collaboration with hotel owner Daniel Charbonnier, the project features more idyllic vineyards and picturesque hillsides with three more Null Stern suites.

The suites with butler service serving drinks and breakfast are available from July 1st to September 18th. Price of incomplete sleep: CHF 325 ($ 337).

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