The Taipa Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system generated approximately 2.8 million MOP (US $ 346,422) ticket fares in 2021, but is currently the only source of revenue and the total number of passengers has dropped by half from the previous year. .. The latest financial report submitted by the utility company Macau Light Rapid Transit Corporation Limited shows.

Revenue aggregation was slightly lower than the MOP 2.9 million generated in the first full-year operation of 2020, where the transportation line was registered and the one-way fares ranged from MOP 6 to MOP 10.

However, the total number of passengers decreased by about 50% to 500,000, and by 2021, the average number of passengers per day did not exceed 2,600.

This decrease in passenger numbers was due to the effects of the pandemic and the six-month outage set in October 2021 for the replacement of the 22kV high-voltage electrical cable for the entire line.

The Taipa LRT Passenger Line will reopen on April 3rd this year and will offer discounted fares until the end of the year.

“In order to ensure that transportation services are stable and do not interfere with our operations, we have gradually expanded our commercial activities with the aim of generating revenue other than ticket sales. HoCheong Kei, head of MLRT, said in a report. I am saying.

“Therefore, in 2021, the company leased space to place vending machines and equipment to provide telecommunications and banking services, and launched the commemorative ticket Mak Mak LRT Pass with the Macao Government Tourism Office and others. While a rental plan for advertising agency services at the station is being developed. “

By the end of 2021, MLRT had 1.4 billion MOP of registered capital, 3.8 million MOP of retained earnings, and approximately 414 million MOP of liabilities.

After nearly 20 years of manufacturing and spending 10.2 billion MOP, Taipa LRT went into operation in December 2019.

After the end of free passenger rides in February 2020, the number of LRT passengers per day has remained at the level of 1,100-2,600 since then, coupled with the negative effects of the pandemic.

Currently, only the Taipa section of the railway (9.3 kilometers long, 11 stations) is in full swing.

The Seac Pai Van Light Rapid Transit Line should be the first new fully operational line to be completed, including a new 1.6 km line, two Seac Pai Van LRT stations, and the construction of a future Islands District Medical Complex Public Hospital. .. , Scheduled to be completed in December 2023.

The government has also budgeted up to 4.5 billion MOP to build a station in Roses by 2023 for future lines connecting the railroad and the peninsula by 2024.

Meanwhile, construction of the 3.46 billion Hengqin Line connecting Taipa Island and the Macau-Hengqin Border Terminal is underway and is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

The recently unveiled General Plan for Transport and Land Transport in Macau also revealed plans to complete the construction of the East Line of Macau Light Rail by 2028.

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