16 Arbutus Place, Portobello, Dublin 8 Suggested price: € 735k Agent: Felicity Fox (01) 633 4431

lexandra Cullen and John Kilkenny have never been far from the Arbutus tree.

They knew each other, so they lived in Dublin 8, a small and wealthy district known as Portobello, surrounded by Camden Street in the east and Cranbrough Street in the west.

“We were in the house share on Pleasants Street and rented a house in Arbutes Place when No16 came out,” says Kilkenny. “It’s small (about 700 square feet) and we weren’t really completely sure it was for us, but we really wanted a home in the area, so we live on the street. I loved it. “

Both are creative types. Kilkenny is a creative director with many years of advertising experience and Karen is a radio producer, but he needed a third eye to show them the potential in a cottage in the late 19th century. John’s brother Mark is an architect, and after looking at him, he was convinced that the pair could make the most of the space behind the look of the one-sided cottage.


Exterior of Arbutos Place

“Mark lived in Scotland, but he came here to work for me in some offices, so I asked him to give it again, and he I continued to work, and then he met someone while he was here, and he never came back, “says Kilkenny.

“Since the expansion of the 1970s, we have left most of the original front wall and roof. We dug about a meter and placed it on the second floor.”


Arbutos Place reception room

We’ve added more than 250 square feet of dwelling to secure a master suite with two bedrooms on the ground floor, a third bedroom on the second floor, a bathroom and a walk-in closet. nursery school.


Kitchen with open shelves and breakfast bar

On the ground floor, on the other hand, there are two bedrooms and a main bathroom behind the house. In front of you is the living, dining and kitchen areas with pantry / utility rooms. All of this and they were able to maintain enough space to swing a fairly large cat and a courtyard with matching floor tiles in the kitchen and back corridor.


Extensions and courtyards on the back of the house

The courtyard is where Kilkenny and Karen like to put Christmas trees. “We usually get huge things, ruin the house and drag it,” says Kilkenny. “But it looks great in the courtyard. I love to sit down and look at it from the sofa under the front window facing the back of the house.”


Arbutus Place dining area

Karen, on the other hand, loves her “blockade yoga room,” one of the bedrooms that was diverted during a pandemic and is now used as a home-based office. To be honest, she said, “There is no corner in this house that I haven’t enjoyed enough or completely relaxed for years. Open the front door on a sunny night and the neighborhood I love to enjoy meals with people. “


Corner shelves maximize living room space

Quietly nestled in a quiet dead end, about a 10-minute walk from the city centre, the house has already allowed generations of children to play outside.

At one point, seven children lived at home, but in the 1970s, Chelsea and Shamrock Rovers soccer star John Coady of the 1980s, who should have improved their ball skills on the street, lived. .. Cody continued to play for Chelsea in the left back during Tony Cascarino’s day and had two successful stints with the Rover’s, whom he had supported since childhood.

However, it is unlikely that Chelsea’s goal scorer will recognize his previous home today. Thanks to the skills of Mark Kilkenny (now working with Howley and Hayes Cooney), it’s no exaggeration to describe the current interior as bright. The three-sided courtyard ensures that, and the reflective colors of the interior design make the most of carrying light indoors.

The kitchen / living / dining area is an open-plan space outside a small corridor with a glass wall on one end for an unobstructed view of the kitchen. This gives the impression that the hall runs the length of the house.


One of the bathrooms in Arbutus Place

The corridor is small, but it also has an elegant coat storage. The living area has a Stanley solid fuel stove pushed into the corner, a high roof-lit ceiling, and a “Lisbon” oak laminate on the floor, which is also used in the bedroom.

The kitchen is cleverly separated from the main living space by the island / breakfast bar.
It has underfloor heating and is divided into four individually controllable zones. The bathroom on the second floor has a bathtub and the bathroom on the first floor has a wet room shower.

“The flow of light and space always seemed to fit perfectly, no matter how our lifestyle changed,” Karen says of space. Two young children, Evie (2 and a half years old) and Max (1 and a half years old), are now part of their lives, but Kilkenny and Karen look for a place with a little more garden space for them to play. I noticed that.
Staying in Portobello may not be an option. They have turned to the same area, but Kilkenny may now have to look further.

“The latest sales locations agreed upon in the areas we like are out of our reach and need to be seen. It’s hard to leave here because we got to know our neighbors well. Many of them were sad to see the sign go up, “he says.

“Especially the blockade was great. There were lots of barbecues and other social events on the street. You couldn’t really seek a better neighbor.”
16 Arbutus Place is sold through FelicityFox’s real estate agency at a asking price of € 735,000.

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