Gardai fears that a teenage girl who was severely sexually assaulted in Kerry has fallen victim to an ambush on her way home.

A 17-year-old girl remains deeply distraught by the brutal attack that took place in a secluded corner of Tralee Town Park at the height of the Festival of Lords of Tralee.

It is believed that the girl had just been separated from her friends and was attacked alone in a park.

The area of ​​the park involved is a popular hangout spot for young people, and Garday believes someone may have been seen sneaking up nearby late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

Gardaí hopes that CCTV cameras around the park may have caught the attackers fleeing the scene.

The detective wants to hear a description of the attacker from the teenage boy.

The incident occurred early Wednesday morning as hundreds of people socialized at various street entertainment events as the Lords of Tralee Festival in North Kerry came to an end.

Thousands were celebrating Tralee hosting its first Rose event since 2019, the year before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.

According to initial reports, she was confronted and attacked on her way home.

One theory being considered is that the teenagers may have been ambushed or tracked to the area where the attack occurred.

Gardai declined to comment on the exact nature of the attack.

However, one source described it as a “shocking and embarrassing attack.”

The distraught teen was treated for shock and consulted a specialist after the incident.

She has also been offered counseling support.

“Gardai is investigating an alleged assault that occurred at Tralee Town Park on Wednesday (August 24),” a Garda spokesperson said.

“An investigation into this matter is ongoing. No further information is available at this time.”

Detectives were checking to see if anyone had seen or heard suspicious activity in the town park area at the time.

Officers believe someone must have seen or heard something, given the large number of drinkers in the area at the time.

Gardaí has ​​reviewed CCTV security camera footage from many facilities in the area and hopes the attackers may have been caught on film as they entered and exited the park.

The attack occurred in an area planted with trees and shrubs, making it darker than the rest of the park.

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