Mika Lambert and Bridget Marshall acted on the first day of the 2022 Special Olympics in Orlando, Florida, where both tennis players performed a powerful show to claim victory.

Lambert went to the court to play Santiago Castro and won a 6 to 1 victory. “Lambert worked hard, had great footwork and movement, had good strategy, and had clean strokes,” said Brent Smith.

Watch a video of the success of Bermuda tennis players thanks to Brent Smith

Marshall then took the court, but play was interrupted because officials were concerned about the heat and the impact on the players. They were later recalled to the court and Marshall lost his first match against Michelle Chan 6-1.

Lambert then reappeared on the court against John Go and won 6-0.

Marshall then played in his second match, claiming to have won 6-0 against Andie Ztek.

“I had the opportunity to take a nap or take a shower before the match, and the difference in play was clear. She played with better footwork, the strokes were more complete and clean, and the shots were It was appropriate. “

Special Olympics USA Game Bermuda June 5, 2022 (1)

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