A Harry Styles elementary school teacher thanked the singer for his “nice compliments” at a concert earlier this week.

Former One Direction star stopped the show at Old Trafford Cricket Field on Wednesday and shouted at Mrs. Vernon.

This 28-year-old teacher also thanked other “really wonderful” teachers at Hermitage Elementary School in Holmes Chapel, Chesher.

Lorraine Kelly (Ian West / PA)

Mrs. Vernon, who appeared in Lorraine at ITV, said: She said, “I wish she had been there, but her colleague Mrs. Bailey, who was there, immediately called.

“I watched the video and it was a very nice compliment and really really great for him.”

Host Lorraine Kelly said: He personally thanked you and dedicated a song to you. He is basically just a little angel. Did he always do that? “

Mrs. Vernon replied: At one point he was an angel. Sometimes he may be, you know …

“He has a cheeky and nice side. He was a great character. His smile was always very nice.

“He loved music and loved playing. All the teachers at Hermitage had a big influence on him in our school and everyone’s journey.”

Regarding public gratitude, she added:

“The teachers do a great job. Each teacher worked very hard. The rewards we get are from the children in our class and the children we taught the previous year.

“That’s our reward.”

Mrs. Vernon said she saw “something special” in style from the beginning.

“Glitter, sparkle in his eyes. His personality and personality has been there a lot since he was 4 or 5 years old. It showed us that he was really going to do something special. rice field.”

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