Doha: The “1000 Opportunities Initiative” will open new horizons in the private sector and strengthen partnerships between Qatar’s public and private sectors, officials said.

The 1000 Opportunities Initiative, recently launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), is an electronic platform that enables local investors to secure investment opportunities from major international and local companies operating in Qatar. Bin Jassim Al Thani in the May 2022 issue of Al Moltaqa magazine.

‚ÄúThis initiative will allow local investors to become familiar with existing and future projects and opportunities that meet their needs in terms of products and services offered by local private companies. This has been a significant development in recent years. It constitutes a positive step in helping to provide significant economic and investment opportunities to the successful industrial sector, “he added.

Emphasizing public-private partnerships, officials say the 1000 Opportunity Initiative is undoubtedly particularly important in strengthening true partnerships between the public and private sectors and revitalizing the state’s business sector, especially SMEs. Stated. To develop products and services and become more competitive in the Katari market. This initiative contributes to providing a compelling environment by localizing the supply chain, increasing the efficiency of service providers, and encouraging, localizing, and transferring knowledge to domestic products.

The national initiative has also contributed to increasing the reliance on local products, reducing the reliance on imports and improving the efficiency and quality of domestic products, especially in the light of the state’s strong interest in the development of the industrial sector. To do. Imported products in terms of price and quality.

QC President said: “QC has a great deal of support for initiatives that will pave the way for the private sector to strengthen its role in economic activity. That is why the Chamber of Commerce recently held a seminar with MoCI and the business community on this initiative. And raised awareness of QC members and helped them benefit from it.

Sheikh Khalifa added: “As part of our support for the private sector as a true partner in the state’s development process, the Chamber of Commerce has a significant efficiency and leadership role that the state has shown, especially during the larger COVID-19 crisis in the private sector. Later, we will share the investment opportunities available in the state. “

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