According to meteorologist Meteor Suisse, the summer of 2022 was the second hottest day in Switzerland since measurements began in 1864. The only hot summer recorded in 2003.

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According to Meteor News, the past three months have been very dry, especially in western Switzerland, with heatwaves and sunshine hours well above normal. Summer 2018 was another very hot one, with average temperatures in June, July and August 2.3 degrees higher than the average for the past 30 years. Only in 2003 did he have a hotter summer.

According to Meteo News, many above-average heat records were broken this summer. On June 19, 2022, the temperature in Neuchâtel reached 36.5 degrees. This is not only his June record for the city, but also the highest temperature recorded before the summer solstice. On August 4, 2022, the temperature in Geneva reached 38.3 degrees, breaking the record for the hottest day ever recorded in the city. The previous record (37.6 degrees) occurred on August 13, 2003.

The summer of 2022 is also notable for its large temperature fluctuations. The temperature in Geneva on 19 July 2022 he started at 21.8 degrees, rose 16.4 degrees to 38.2 degrees for him, and by the end of the day he was back at 21.6 degrees. In 1962 he had only two days with more temperature variability than July 19, 2022.

In July 2022, the 0 degree altitude limit was raised from 3,800 meters to nearly 4,300 meters, more than 400 meters above normal. This accelerated the melting of Swiss glaciers, producing more meltwater than some hydroelectric installations could use.

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