rear According to the creator, Eiichiro Oda, 490 million copies have been sold all over the world in 25 years, and the beloved Japanese manga “One Piece” is in the final chapter. The adventure-following cartoon of the swashbuckler pirate Monkey D. Luffy has captivated millions of fans around the world as the characters are looking for One Piece, a treasure that all pirates crave. In a tweet on Tuesday, Oda announced that he would take a month off from the usual weekly installment payment pace, citing various requests, including work on the last part of the long-running series. ..

“Break for me!” He wrote in a handwritten announcement posted on the series’ official Twitter account. “I would like to rearrange the structure (of the manga) so that the final chapter can be put together as soon as possible. Wow … forgive me, but I’ll take a break and get everything ready!” “One Piece” First appeared in manga format in Japan in 1997, followed by a TV anime version two years later.

Since then, the franchise has become a global cultural phenomenon, and Oda holds the Guinness World Records in “Most copies published by one writer for the same manga series.” Last year, the 1,000th episode of the TV series was released and was specially screened in the United States and France, the world’s largest manga and anime markets after Japan. A live-action adaptation by Netflix is ​​also underway, and fans speculate that it could catapult the franchise to a global household name status comparable to “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.”

Meanwhile, another publisher of the cult comic series “Berserk” announced on Tuesday that comics would resume more than a year after the death of its creator, Kentaro Miura. Kouji Mori, a friend of Miura, will continue to work as an author based on discussions about the direction of the series, the publisher Hakusensha announced. In a statement released by Hakusensha, Mori said, “I will write only the episodes that Miura told me.” “I don’t flesh it out. I don’t write episodes that I don’t remember clearly. I write only the lines and stories that Miura explained to me.” — AFP

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