Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) has found herself in the midst of the most intense media frenzy of her prime ministerial career since 2019.

It all started last Wednesday night when a social media video montage appeared on Finnish media pages.

Finland’s prime minister dances wildly with friends in a video shot in a private apartment somewhere in Helsinki on Saturday, August 6 (Marin consistently refuses to reveal the location). . , others heard over the radio waves.

so what? you might ask.

“If there was a crisis, I would have been aware of it by midnight on Saturday,” Marin said last Friday, referring to a hard weekend at her party in Kesaranta, the Finnish prime minister’s official residence. said at a press conference.

Maybe so. maybe not. What we do know is that Finland is living in an exceptional time in the midst of the process of seeking membership in the military alliance NATO.Also Finnish afternoon newspaper Iltalehti The Finnish Defense Forces have been in a state of increased readiness since the summer due to a decision by the government, according to sources.

So some politicians understandably expressed concern about the prime minister’s condition and availability if something serious happened after he returned home early in the morning after a long night. doing. (Mallin admitted he drank a lot of mild alcohol that night, but he didn’t count.)

Another question Marin had to deal with last week was whether she used drugs that night.Jauhogengi‘ This translates to ‘powder gang’ in English.

After being asked about it, Marin repeatedly said she had never taken drugs. She had never seen anyone using drugs. Her drug test, signed by a doctor, also came out negative on Monday, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office.

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