A Chinese boy was leaning against the railing of a moving escalator, and when the elevator approached the next floor, he got stuck.

The escalator continued to move, and his sister tried to pull him out of a narrow gap, but the boy remained in a painful position.

Photo: YT screengrab / 01 private
Photo: YT screengrab / 01 private

Fortunately, a nearby passerby rushed to the duo and quickly pressed the kill switch before the escalator pulled the boy further away.

Photo: YT screengrab / 01 private

The firefighters immediately arrived at the scene, scraped off part of the wall, removed the escalator railings and released the boy.

Photo: YT screengrab / 01 private

He was then taken to an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Photo: YT screengrab / 01 private

according to South China Morning PostThe boy was not seriously injured, but had difficulty breathing and felt sick.

He was treated for mild bleeding on his face and ears.

According to HK01, the incident happened in Xinyang, China. The boy was reported to have acted out of “curiosity.”

Members of the online community praised the quick thinking of passers-by and the rescue efforts of firefighters.

Netizens shared a similar experience, saying they would never forget the gentleman who saved him that day.

“This is the moment I say this from the bottom of my heart. When I was young, a gentleman saved me from a situation similar to this. When that happened, I was alone on the escalator, and The gentleman pulled me back when I leaned almost completely with my head and neck. Thank you to the hero who saved me. I never forgot that day. Thank you very much. “

Others wanted to teach others lessons that this wouldn’t play when using the escalator. / TISG

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The postboy leans against the railing of the escalator and pinches his head between the walls.Passersby and firefighters rushed to free him and first appeared in independent Singapore news-latest and latest news

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