On Tuesday’s relatively quiet morning, two trials and 11 horses were sent along the way, and trainer Michael Clements created a pair of ace.

They were absolute brilliance and rich returns.

So you say: Wait a second. They were not the winners. “

truth. They both finished second in their respective hitouts. But there was still a lot of love in the way they did their business.

Takes an absolute shine. In the race at The Crunge, there was a galloper who hadn’t played against the starter yet.

However, he has shown that the “education” stage may be nearing the end and he may be ripe and ready to start paying for feed and accommodation.

Then there was a return of prosperity. Well, we know what he can do.

Five victories from a dozen outings are not intercepted.

There was a lot of talent in his frame, and later in the season I could see him understand that potential.

First, let’s look at the absolute radiance. Raised in New Zealand, only three years old, he showed a bright and fast speed that could stabilize him in a short sprint race.

Absolute Radiance, who jumped from the innermost gate on Mark Lerner, quickly took the lead and took the field up to the 600m mark.

He was still in good control when the small field was straightened.

The French put him on a short, tight bridle – it seemed to suit him well. Scrubbed together, the contributor’s son still dictated things with Furlongmark, but he soon began to feel a pinch.

Fadaboy, riding his apprentice Hakim Kamaldin, never gave up on pursuit. He put on a collar, put a leader on the collar near the house, and squeezed the victory with his head.

It was a good show for the winner who recorded 61.43 seconds at 1,000m. However, Absolute Radiance seemed to have more features. In fact, if Lerner wanted to go to him.

Perhaps the connection has saved something for the New Zealand-raised Crunge’s debut Sunday.

Absolute Tradians participated in a restricted maiden event for 3 and 4 years old.

He faces two talented young men in Charminton and Sousui. Both performed well in their debut races, finishing 2nd and 3rd in separate races.

They may have experience, but both were out of pace. If Absolute Tradition opens a big lead, it may not be possible to catch him on Sunday’s short course.

Clements saddles Kinella in the second and final trials in the morning, Hamama wins in 61.02 seconds, and Prosperus Return returns with a second half-length delinquency.

In that hitout under a threatening sky, Lord Of Cloud showed the way, waving a white flag with a 700m mark.

It allowed Hamama – always noticeable with its huge white flame – to take the lead with the Prosperous Return of the tracking pack.

As we approached the final turn, Ronnie Stewart decided to give the Prosperas return a clear run.

So he took him the widest in the pack, and from that scenic spot, a four-year-old kid ran.

Prosperous Return is approaching the lead. But it wasn’t close enough. Hamama was at home and was half as long and connected by a hose.

Still, and for all the extra ground he covered, it was a big show by the runner-up.

Clements has been patient with his youth. In a modest race, he faced a starter only once this season. It was a winning show in late February.

But it came at a price. A prosperous return bleed.

He passed the breeder’s test earlier this month and seems to have cleared the path to resume from where the galloper was interrupted.

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