Singapore-A dentist convicted of verbally abusing two police officers in 2020 and using a criminal force for one of them was suspended for four months.

Felicia Lee Jin, 31, who was drunk at the time, threw a vulgar thing at a police officer early on August 7, 2018, and hit one of them on her arm at a gas station on a Dutch road. rice field.

She was sentenced to 33 days in prison for a crime on June 26, 2020.

The Singapore Dental Council said in a statement Wednesday (July 13) that it had begun disciplinary action against Lee on March 21, this year. The move followed a referral by the Council’s Complaints Committee on her criminal conviction.

When The Straits Times checked Wednesday, Lee was no longer on the list of registered dentists on the Council’s website.

In the 2020 ST report, she was still posted on the website and her main clinic was listed as Q & M Dental Surgery (Clementi).

In that investigation, the council pushed one accusation against the dentist and she was found guilty.

The accusation said her conviction implied “a flaw in her personality that made her unfit for the profession,” the council said in a statement.

The Disciplinary Action Committee said Lee’s violent and abusive behavior against police officers and her actions undermined the reputation and public confidence of dentists.

The Commission added that it was a dentist’s “distrust of expected behavior and appropriate standards of behavior.”

Lee was suspended and accused of being suspended for four months from June 1st as part of his punishment. She also had to write a letter to her council stating that she would not repeat the offense and was ordered to pay for her proceedings against her.

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