The chairman of the family group of the 9/11 terrorist attacks said members were outraged by the “betrayal” of US golfers playing in the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Invitation Series.

Comments from the widow of the 9/11 victims, Terry Strada, were made on Friday in an open letter addressed to agents of major champions such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed. rice field.

“Rethink the membership of this Saudi company,” Strada wrote. “We encourage you to rethink so that you can stand with us and send a message to the kingdom. You can’t buy respect. You have to win it. Must be. “

After leaving the US PGA Tour, all contracts with the Rebel Series, which offers the most abundant wallets in golf history, have been confirmed.

We will be attending the US Open at the United States Golf Association’s Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts.

“Our community has expressed our anger in our partnership with LIV Golf and your new business to provide financial and back-up support that has allowed terrorists to attack our country. I want to remind you of the responsibility of our partner, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Kill our loved ones, “Strada wrote.

“Many of our disappointments seem to be pleased that you are dealing with them. Given Saudi Arabia’s role in the death of our loved ones and those injured in 9/11 — you. Fellow Americans — We are angry that you are very pleased to help Saudi Arabia conceal this history with their demand for “respect”. “

Strada has been active in a group suing Saudi Arabia for participating in a 9/11 attack that killed nearly 3,000 people, denied by the Saudi government.

But Strada said US golfers who chose to play in the new series betrayed the victims’ families.

“Please, don’t insult or take a pitiful position on the memory of our loved ones. Last week, one of our foreign colleagues claimed that you were” just a golfer playing a game. ” Or claim that the evil of the Saudi administration is rudely treated as a “human right.” ‘concern. You are all American and are keenly aware of the death and destruction of September 11.

“Whether it’s the appeal of millions of dollars in cash or the opportunity to prosecute your professional complaints at the PGA, you’ve sold us out.”

Strada said that allowing LIV golf players to represent the United States in the Ryder Cup should not be considered.

“Some people are hoping that the rules will change so that they can represent the United States again in the Ryder Cup, despite betraying America’s interests in participating in Saudi’s’Sports Wash’. I understand that, “Strada wrote.

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