Norwegian mountain trail known as Trollstigen Romsdal, famous for its hairpin turns, was finally able to resume this week. Those waiting in bikes, cars and motorhomes could be followed by as many as one million tourists this summer.

Norway’s challenging mountain road called “Trollstigen”, best known for its challenging hairpin turns.Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Hundreds of motorcycles and camping vans lined up on Thursday, the first to climb up and down Trollstigen, which normally resumes in May. But this year, most of the roads and the relatively new observatories and cafes on the top of the mountain were severely damaged by the avalanches during the winter.

It was considered impossible when the road crew appeared to reopen the road on a regular basis last month. Then, when they worked to clear the road and repair the cafe, they were stopped by a sudden rockslide.

Therefore, it became important to make sure that the road was not only clear but stable. Roar Vikhagen, the leader of the local road crew, told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) that he had never seen so much imbalance and slide damage. “This must be a record late opening,” he said, but this summer’s driving season is on track. staff

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