Breasty Bay House and Skildren Cottage Address: Malin Head, Co Donegal Suggested price: € 1.5 million Agent: Savills (01) 663 4357

What about the world’s most famous spaceship land in your front yard?

After Emma and Declan Cormac completed a nine-year thorough restoration of Limerick’s famous Castleoliver, they and their three children were in 2015 for a time of change, rest, scenery, and peace and tranquility. I decided that.

“We were already based in Limerick, so we started searching for special coastal real estate around western Cork,” says Emma. “We continued to orbit the west coast and then found the Bresti Bay House along the many acres of Malin Head’s magnificent coast, until we reached far north of Donegal.

“It was a bungalow built in the 1970s overlooking the ocean with cliffs and beaches. We decided it was exactly what we were looking for and bought it with all our heart, but as many bungalows as possible from the bungalows. I decided to take it out. “

Immediately after Cormac moved in, Skilldrain Cottage, an adjacent property with more land, was sold.


Aerial view of two properties with access to almost 2km of uninterrupted coastline

“Between the two properties, there is 55 acres of land that can only be described as a truly spectacular ocean frontage, so we bought it too.” Incredibly, Cormacks is Ireland’s most spectacular. Almost 2km of the coastline was uninterrupted.

“But the owner of Bresti Bay House agreed to let the movie company shoot there for a few months and told us we had to respect it. I didn’t think too much, so it’s okay. Said.

“Later, the location manager called and greeted me to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Next, we knew about buses, vans, portacabins, bulldozers, over 100 people, everywhere. There was security in. “

Also photographed in the front yard of Cormac were stars Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley. “It’s Disney, the movie The Last Jedi“Emma says. “I haven’t seen any movies and didn’t know much about them. Of course the kids did.”

“There was the strictest secret. You are not allowed to bring your camera-equipped cell phone outdoors. One day, a shark came into the bay and wanted to take a picture, so I had to call the movie company. It didn’t become.

“Mark Hamill stayed during the shoot at Skilldrain Cottage and loved the time there.”

Star Wars fans (and perhaps Skywalker himself may have pointed out) were the 1969 modernist Skildren Cottage, placed in a linked hexagonal capsule, with a Tatooine capsule in which the character was raised. It means that you have more than just a hint of an encapsulated village.


Skill Drain Cottage was designed by architect Liam McCormick

The house listed was designed by the acclaimed Irish architect Liam McCormick. The work also includes the headquarters of the Met Irian in Glasnevin and the Church of St. Aengus in Bert in 1967 (selected as the “Building of the Century” in Ireland in 1999).

Later, workers and artisans, including Eddie Garen, on the extreme scaffolding of Lifford, were called in to create a 12-meter-long model of the famous Millennium Falcon on the rocky edge of Cormac. Arriving in twelve, it needed a serious fixation to counter the strong Atlantic winds. “It literally took six weeks to launch it,” says Emma.

The YT-1300 Correlian cargo ship, whose science fiction fame is comparable only to Starship Enterprise, was originally built by model maker Joe Johnston in just four weeks. Star Wars 1977 movie. Director George Lucas suggested, “Think of a flying saucer.”


Millennium Falcon under construction on Cormac’s property

Johnston is said to have been inspired by a burger with olives on the sides. On the right side of the ship is the famous projected glass bubble cockpit, with the addition of a unique front cargo grip mandible.

Cormac had to stay out of the way. “But of course I had to go see as much as I could and the atmosphere on the set was really nice. And after the shoot was over they cleaned it all up. It was as if they weren’t there at all. It was like. “

This was important for Emma, ​​who has long been interested in environmental protection and has spent time re-wilding 55 acres of land.

“The wildlife you see here throughout the seasons is amazing. It’s a really special place.”

The same alien world qualities that captivated the blockbuster Hollywood franchise location scouts (famously shot by Skellig Michael) attracted Cormac to Breasty Bay and Skilledren Cottage in the first place, making the vacation a success here. Was useful. The scenery runs towards the fanard and the lighthouse.

“Breasty Bay House looked like a real bungalow in the 1970s,” says Emma.

“So we started making changes that we felt made a difference.”

The couple set up a magnificent new kitchen in a rustic sloping style, with herringbone-polished wood floors, cast iron radiators, cozy stoves, internal bricks and rustic wood finishes on the underfloor heating. it was done.


Breasty Bay House redesigned kitchen and lounge with sea views

The result is a standard, finished, quality boutique guesthouse-like home rather than a bungalow. There is a panel and tiled entrance hall leading to the open plan kitchen and dining room.

The kitchen comes with an island, hardwood parquet floors, bare wooden beams, and a wall-mounted double-sided aquarium that can be seen from both the kitchen and living room.

“The aquarium has come with Declan’s interest in everything like fish.” He is fishing here for mackerel, walleye pollock, red shrimp and crabs from rocks and boats.


Bresti Bay House Living Room

French doors lead from the dining room to the outside terrace area. The living room has a wood stove and a solarium. There are 3 bedrooms, all with a private shower room.

On the ground floor is an office / study with a Velux balcony window. There is a bathroom with a bidet, a walk-in shower and a jacuzzi bath.

There is also a convenient storage room on the 2nd floor. Next to it is a garage and a boiler room.

Outside, there is a large natural freshwater pond with frogs and newts between the house and the sea. There is also a private beach with rocky features.

Approximately 15 acres of Skildren Cottage was designed by McCormick to maximize panoramic views of the ocean through its large windows. You also have direct access to the private beach.


Skill drain cottage main reception room

There is an open plan kitchen / living room with sliding patio doors and a dining room with large windows facing the sea. The private shower room for the Master Bedroom Suite is located outside this living space.

There are 3 bedrooms, including 1 private bathroom, and a shared bathroom in the connecting corridor. Skill drain will be expanded to approximately 1,567 square feet.

Currently, Cormacks are sold out.

The entire 55-acre site, with a 1,850 m sea frontage in Donegal, is offered for € 1.5 million. They consider selling a 9-acre Breasty Bay House for € 750,000 and a 15-acre Skildren Cottage for € 650,000.

And now that the Force is with them, the local tourism director established the Star Wars Festival on May 4th (of course every May 4th) and renamed the coastal road to R2D2. ..

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