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Even after breaking out of the pandemic, we still live in a world of uncertainty. We are shaping and transforming business processes throughout the industry. Today’s corporate leaders are far more aware of the value of digital transformation. But the question is how can changes be beneficial and sustainable across all features and business units. What is Plussum Growth? Jean-Michel Bérard, Founder and CEO of Esker, shared his unique view of positive total growth. “Positive total growth is the exact opposite of zero-sum growth. It helps not only the company, but all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, and even the communities in which the business operates.” Plussum growth provides a smarter and more sustainable way to do business today. Technology is here to help your business grow, but you often ignore the fact that these successes come at the expense of something else (for example, at the expense of your customers or suppliers). Enterprise leaders need to think about how technology can provide a great user experience. Promote an ecosystem that can drive the growth of Plussum inside and outside the enterprise. Let’s dig deeper into how to achieve that in each business process with an artificial intelligence-driven solution. More and more people are involved in the procurement-to-payment process, including procurement-to-payment requesters to buyer-to-buyer requesters. Lend an individual to a supplier. Over the last two years, collaboration has proved to be the cornerstone of building relationships. And what you need to do to drive Plussum growth within the ecosystem is: -Provides the flexibility to send different types of invoices to suppliers-Provides on-time or early payments-Provides 100% end-to-end visibility at each stage Process overview- Collaboration and Communication on an All-in-One Platform for Both Internal and External Stakeholders Receivables Customers and employees are deeply involved … Source link

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