The gate to the Glastonbury Festival was officially opened by the founder of the event, Michael Evis. He said the festival would be “the best show in town”.

After a three-year hiatus by Covid-19, the festival will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

When the gate officially opened on Wednesday morning, Eavis and his daughter Emily stood at one of many entrances and applauded the first attendees to enter the site.

Ebis, 86, told them:

“Watch what happens. You should believe it.”

During a three-day massive rail strike, festival attendees lined up early Wednesday morning after many combat trip delays on their trip to Pilton in Somerset.

When I told the BBC Breakfast just before the gate opened, Festival Coordinator Emily Ebis said: This year is even more spectacular. The waiting time is very long and this is the biggest accumulation we have ever experienced and everyone feels very, very happy and a little emotional about opening the door. “

“It’s all very exciting and unbelievable,” she added.

Radio moderator Jo Whiley said Glastonbury is the “ultimate festival” and Sir Paul McCartney’s headlining slot on Saturday night’s pyramid stage is a “very important and important performance.” I did.

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Former Beatles, 80, will be the oldest solo headliner in history at a music festival when he goes on stage this weekend.

Regarding BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Whily said: “Glastonbury is the ultimate festival, celebrating all art, and the human experience is everything.

“Yes, yes, all these bands are playing. There is a main stage and everyone is very excited about it, but it’s just to enjoy this and when you get there you can enjoy it. Just the amount of things you think … With over 100 stages and different types of performances everywhere, think of it as a giant Smörgås board where you can continue to taste different things like circus acting, cabaret, music and more. is needed.

“And everyone is so friendly that you can make lots of friends. It’s a great experience.”

On Sunday, BBC Radio 2 Wheely will unveil a live concert from Pilton from 7pm to 9pm, including highlights of Diana Ross’ set on the pyramid stage.

In Sir Paul’s Today program, she said, “It’s a very important and important performance at the time, the biggest festival in the world, and the greatest songwriter ever from the biggest band. It’s a big moment. “.

Just before the gate officially opened at 8 am Wednesday, some said that hundreds of Glastonbury participants had already lined up with bags for hours and arrived at the scene early in the morning. ..

Mark Laurie, 49, from Reading, Berkshire, who works for a sports charity, said she arrived at the festival at 2 am with her 18-year-old daughter Besan.

“We slept in the car for a few hours and joined the line at 6am,” he told PA News Agency.

“This is our third time and it’s always great. The moment we get here and start looking at the top of our tent, it gets very lively.

“It’s always a very positive atmosphere, everyone is very kind and friendly to each other, but after we’ve spent the last two and a half years, I think it’s going to be special.”


Mark Laurie and his daughter Bethan waiting to enter the Glastonbury Festival (PA)

Ms. Laurie said her most exciting act was Billie Eilish, and her father was eagerly looking forward to Sir Paul.

“I wasn’t aware of this when I was the first elementary school teacher, but I lived next to (McCartney) in East Sussex,” he said. “One morning he was taking his dog for a walk outside. I had a hangover so I was in bed and didn’t mean to greet him.

“My parents will never forgive me for not doing it, so it would be great to see him.”

Prior to the five-day event, Met Office meteorologist Tom Morgan told PA that this year’s forecast will be “one of two halves.”

Temperatures can reach 27 ° C on 900 acres of land for a world-famous event. This is 9 ° C higher than usual.


Festival attendees (Yui Mok / PA) queuing for entry on the first day of Glastonbury at Worthy Farm in Somerset

However, mud, synonymous with Glastonbury, is still expected to emerge, with showers and thunderstorms expected after Friday.

To the disappointment of many festival attendees, the event coincides with a three-day planned large-scale railroad strike over the wages of railroad workers, leading to the disruption of people’s trips to valuable farms.

Only 60% of trains run across Wednesday, with strikes planned on Thursday and Saturday.

At the long-awaited festival, which has a population of 200,000, Irish and rapper Kendrick Lamar will headline the pyramid stage.

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