A man who posted a video of the Road Rage incident in a traffic jam said the incident should stop harassing male drivers and female passengers of Red Kia Motors.

Malaysian police are investigating a duo of red sedans for committing mischief. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said another report was filed on the alleged exposure of the woman and her family.

In a video posted on Saturday (July 9th), which is widely shared on social media, we see a woman blocking the movement of the black Toyota Alphard while a man is gesturing in the same car. I can.

Muhammed Hajik, a 25-year-old civil servant who posted footage taken from the Alphard’s dashboard camera, said the people in the video were being mistreated and he feels sorry for them.

He knows that netizens have pulled out the details they say are about women and drivers of red Kia cars.

“I don’t know if it’s really a woman or a man is her husband. I don’t know if my family wants to believe what’s happening online.

“But if it’s her, I believe the way she’s being treated is unfair to her. I hope people stop posting her pictures,” Hajik said. Told.

Meanwhile, Singapore police told The Straits Times that the docking was reported.

Mr Hajik, whose family was in the Alphard, said he wasn’t with them at the time.

His 51-year-old father was driving, his mother was 51 years old, and two sisters, 9 and 17 years old, were in the car.

They were heading to their own real estate in Forest City, Johor Bahru.

After Haziq posted a video on the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, netizens dug up personal information about those who claimed they were in Red Kia.

Police may imprison and fine $ 5,000 for up to a year if convicted of disclosing identifiable information about a person for harassment, cause of violence, or fear of violence. He said he had sex.

The incident took place on Saturday in heavy traffic at Tuas Second Link near Sultan Abu Bakar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex.

Malaysian police looking for a woman who stripped her car license plate tried to stop the car

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Hajik said his father saw a gap in traffic in the right lane and indicated his intention to switch lanes.

Red Kia moved forward and the two cars grabbed each other.

“My dad allowed Kia to move forward before it decided to get out of the car and talk to the Kia driver about a private reconciliation of the damage.

“But the driver refused to leave the car and instead provoked my dad with a vulgar hand sign,” Hajik said.

He said his father had returned to the car when he realized that he had nothing else to do.

His father later planned to report police in Singapore and Johor Bahru.

But when they left, Mr Hajik said a woman who was a passenger at Kia was standing in front of their car.

She then removed the car’s license plate and threw it at the Alphard’s windshield. The act was captured by the car’s dashboard camera.

The driver of Kia, wearing a blue T-shirt, also turned a gesture to Mr. Hajik’s father.

However, in an interview with the Chinese daily Sim Min Daily News, a woman claiming to be a female passenger said it was the Alphard driver who provoked her son by demanding that she get out of the car.

She said the Alphard repeatedly cut lanes to move forward, adding that she had been in a traffic jam for about an hour at that time.

“When I checked the wound, I didn’t think it was serious.

“I wanted to forget that, but the opponent stopped and scolded his son, provoking him to get out of the car” one-on-one. ” “

“My son ignored him,” she said, adding that she was scratched when Alphard nudged her while standing in front of him.

“I was in pain and upset, so I was so angry that I took out the license plate and threw it into the car. Later I noticed that my legs were bleeding,” she added. I did.

Haziq said people paid attention on the road and posted a video to show what his family experienced.

“Obviously, my sister and mother couldn’t treat her, and my dad, as a man, couldn’t physically touch her …

“I shared the video so the woman can go forward and solve the problem.

“My dad just wants to repair his car and claims the damage caused by the woman,” he added.

Malaysian police said they had identified a suspect who had committed mischief near Sultan Abu Bakar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Facilities in Johor Bahru.

The SPF said it would support Malaysian counterparts when requested.

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