RACE 1 (1,200M)

(3) TRUMPS EXPRESS has a chance to win if he can find his best form.

(5) CHARIOT MASTER could be the one who could win if he entered this race.

(4) VV POWER has lost its way, but it may appear at some place.

(7) POTENTE showed a good improvement on the turn signals last time and this time they have to boldly do one thing better.

(8) SIBERIAN FOX showed good pace last time and must be respected.

RACE 2 (1,300M)

(1) MON TRESOR failed to find a decent finish last time, so this short distance is clearly suitable.

(2) LILY OF ORANGE has slowly drifted away in both of its last two starts. She ran well both times and if she picked her up this time she could win such a weak race.

(3) MISS UNITED STATES is obviously unreliable, but it has a good chance of winning.

(5) TUFAAN doesn’t find much of a finishing burst, but holds his form well. Must mix.

(4) RIVER BIRCH has the potential to improve on its debut and must be considered a potential winner.

RACE 3 (1,600M)

Weak races and all kinds of outcomes are possible.

(1) GREAT ECSTASY debuts locally and has the potential to win.

(2) SARDO NUMSPA could have needed a local debut and should see improvement.

(3) GRAND DESTINY ran their best race to date in the last race and managed to go one further.

(4) SILVAN PARK and (5) KING OF LUV are better than they have shown recently. can be improved.

(8) DOUGLAS DEVASTATOR and (11) PRINCE OF HEAVEN could be improved and should be included in Exotics.

RACE 4 (1,600M)

Another tough race to find a winner. Again, it might be best to go as wide as possible with Exotic.

(1) GOLD ROCK hasn’t won in a while, but is clearly better than his last run and should be included in all bets.

(2) The HOMER FIDGET accelerated well to win by a close margin last time.

(3) BOLD STRIKE is stable and has a winning chance.

(5) IL LUNGO should improve from last run and could be a surprise package.

(7) Jaspero dominates this course and distance. dangerous.

(10) MY BOY REECEY will do just fine for this short distance.

RACE 5 (1,900M)

(6) IDEAL ANGEL keeps going strong, but this looks like a harder task. Stable Companion (3) WINGS OF FIRE don’t always play their best, but they’ve been successful on this surface a few times and have a winning chance.

(5) GAVEL STRIKE may have needed a local debut and should do well this time.

(2) STONE COLD has increased flight distance and may be improved.

(10) ABLUEAZURE has sped up nicely on its recent start and could be better than rated.

(11) IRISH RAIN didn’t do their best last time, but they could have done better.

Race 6 (1,400M)

(1) RIGHT CHOICE wasn’t bad on its local debut, and Poly could be tried and improved.

(5) DANCING GIRL continued to perform well. If she gets her lead soft, she can score.

(6) BUTTERCUP is better than her recent run. It can be upsetting.


(9) ANCESTRAL PRAYER looks well deserved and beaten after her streak of placements.

RACE 7 (1,000M)

(1) The VISTA NOVA is clearly better than the last run. Stable Companion (2) BRASS BELL is unreliable these days, but if you do your best, you should be able to fight to the end.

(3) STORM CHASER is better than the last two runs, but I might prefer grass these days.

(4) VARIETY BREEZE runs this course and distance enough and has a good chance of winning.

⑤ SOUTH EAST did not lose in a better field than last time, and I was able to hit here.

(7) TRAVEL MASTER and (8) LEDELL’S ECHO are missing.

RACE 8 (1,200M)

(2) SOWETO ROSE holds form well and could win from a decent draw.

(3) VICTORY OF DUBAI is improving and could follow its recent first win. Stable Companion (7) STAY THE COURSE is a surprise package tailored to the course and distance. There’s not much between (8) JAGUAR CAT and (5) SANCTITY, and both have chances.

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