Secretariat for Social Affairs Elsie Ao Ieong U has already indicated that the integration period, in which the current pandemic regulations will be gradually relaxed, will begin on July 23.

The information was provided in a government statement, and Secretary Ho Iat-seng went to the Civil Protection Operations Center today to consult and coordinate with the New Coronavirus Response Coordination Center on pandemic prevention responses to community outbreaks over the past month. We will deploy the next stage of epidemic countermeasures.

Health officials yesterday pointed out that if the number of newly identified cases of Covid-19 continues to decline this week, a new “integration period” in which restrictions will be gradually lifted may already begin next week.

The closure of all non-essential commercial and industrial services was extended for five days until midnight on July 23, with three new mass test rounds held between July 18 and 22.

Since June 18, Macau has recorded a total of 1,765 cases and a total of 21,764 people have undergone epidemiological investigations.

Ho said during the meeting that the Covid-19 Omicron BA.5 variant was “very insidious” and contagious, and the regional pandemic situation was “more complex and serious than ever.”

At the meeting, the CEO listens to key officials and department summaries, plans for the next work phase, and all departments of the SAR perform their duties, cooperate with each other, and manage trends. , Ensuring people’s livelihood needs, social stability, and achieving the ultimate goal of Dynamic Zero Covid as soon as possible.

The departments and services attending the meeting will also help to propose solutions to the work arrangements and difficulties that may be encountered to enter the integration period.

The CE was also reported to be grateful to all residents for their tolerance and cooperation in anti-pandemic measures.

Dr. Leong Iek Hou, coordinator of the new Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center, addressed this issue at today’s pandemic update press conference, said the start of the integration period on July 23 was one of the cases reported in the city. He said it still depends on changes in the daily average.

Dr. Leong also said that details on how this integration period will be implemented and what restrictions will be lifted will only be revealed at a later stage.

A total of 10 newly confirmed Covid-19 cases were reported yesterday (Monday), with only 3 cases found within the community, an improvement over the 22 cases reported on Sunday.

“Our preparatory students estimate that the integration period can last for two weeks, but this depends on the progress of the outbreak,” Dr. Leong added.

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