The judge agreed to allow a short-term change in bail terms imposed on a senior barrister charged with killing four fathers in a shooting on a farm in Dublin.

Professor aw Diarmuid Phelan, 53, has been accused of killing Keith Conlon on February 22 at the Hazelgrove Farm in Kiltalown Lane, Tarat.

Following the shooting of his dog, Mr. Konron from Kirta Laun Park in Tarat was shot in the back of his head during an incident on Mr. Ferrand’s farm.

The dog breeder was taken to Tarat University Hospital, but died two days later.

The High Court denied Mr. Ferrand’s bail in March, but the following month, the Court of Appeals overturned the decision and released him on various terms with a deposit of € 100,000.

The case was relisted in the Dublin District Court today to defend a “temporary change” in bail over a six-day period in August.

Judge Brian Smith said it had already been discussed and agreed between the parties.

The purpose of the change was not publicly stated and the terms of the agreed change were not read aloud in public court.

But they were offered to the judge.

Despite being exempt from attendance, Mr. Ferrand attended the application and sat quietly in the public gallery.

Judge Smith said the court “temporarily changes bail.”

Jane McGowan BL said in a state position that she did not need to read the terms, adding that Ferran’s lawyer had examined the terms with him.

Investigator Sergeant Garda Michael McGrath said there was potential for further prosecution and called for a postponement until September.

However, the case was postponed until August 23 due to another defense application to change the bail terms.

Judge Smith said the Court of Appeal’s order stated that the district court could decide if Gardai had been notified.

Attorney Dara Robinson said this was an “abnormal and complex application” and needed to be “destroyed.”

In May, the court temporarily suspended bail terms to allow the accused to go on a “short trip” for two days.

Later it also ordered Gardai to hand over a copy of his interview record to the defense.

The bail conditions state that a curfew from 10 pm to 8 am at a Garda-approved address must be followed, signing on daily at the Garda station and being able to contact you via mobile phone.

He had to give Gardai access to all his Irish and foreign bank accounts.

He must be away from his property in Tarat and Wexford and must not be in contact with the prosecution’s witnesses in the case.

Lawyers must surrender their passports and must not leave the state, join gun clubs, or buy firearms.

Earlier, bail procedures were heard when he shot a dog with a rifle, or when the dog owner and his companions showed that he had taken a revolver and fired three shots in their direction. rice field.

Ferran claimed that the farm was under various threats.

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