The People’s Daily, the most influential newspaper in mainland China owned by the Chinese Communist Party, recently published a commentary condemning the “insufficient” pandemic prevention measures adopted by the Government of Macau.

The July 5 newspaper commented on the “insufficient” pandemic prevention policy implemented by the SAR government and the “no lucky student faced with the virus” criticizing “the least desirable reality it caused”. I published an article.

In this article, I’ve given some examples of the “harsh reality” caused by improper action by the SAR government. This includes more than 1000 confirmed cases, the first Covid-19 deaths recorded since 2020, and positive cases found in Condedesan. The Janu├írio Hospital Center (CHCSJ) and local nursing homes, as well as confirmed cases, are linked to the Four Seasons Shopping Mall.

“For example, in the case of the Four Seasons shopping mall, the Macau government had to immediately close the mall, thoroughly disinfect it, then conduct a detailed epidemiological investigation and disconnect the transmission chain. However, the SAR government only found a link between the incidents and could not take any further action, “the author emphasized.

Health officials revealed on Monday that more than 40 confirmed Covid-19 cases were associated with staff at the Four Seasons shopping mall, opening all stores on the ground floor with Four Seasons Shoppes on July 10. I ordered it to be closed.

However, after that, the Health Department ordered the stores on the second and M floors, where the mall is located, to be temporarily closed.

Opinion pieces more, when local journalists asked why the government did not order the blockade of shopping malls, SAR health officials thought it was not necessary or necessary to do it “unexpectedly”. As a result, it infects people in the area.

On the other hand, among the newly reported cases daily, the number of positive cases found in the community is much higher than the number found under government follow-up, and the virus continues to spread and control the community. Indicates that it has not been done. The commentary of the People’s Daily is written.

“This new wave of pandemic outbreaks suddenly happened, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Macau had planned, rehearsed, and allocated resources in advance, so it was a” unprepared battle. ” It wasn’t. So where does the problem come from? The article emphasized.

The commentary mentions the results of an online survey showing that 72% of respondents chose “city-wide blockade” as the most welcome way to control the pandemic, and whether authorities would consider the order. Added some questions The city-wide blockade was raised by local journalists during a daily press conference.

“What everyone has in common is that current pandemic precautions are not strict enough, not timely, and not strict,” the opinion piece declared.

The author also said that the situation is “understandable” because Macau has its own special systems, legal regulations, labor shortages, resource constraints, inertial thinking, and reliance on past experience.

At the end of the article, the author needs to take decisive steps and implement them firmly in order for the Government of Macau SAR to confront the problems and difficulties and control the spread of the virus in the shortest possible time. I emphasized that.

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