While international students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are having a hard time finding alternative accommodation, some local students are taking advantage of the situation by renting out rooms in the hall.

In the Telegram chat group, which was set up for students who do not have accommodation on campus to share the latest information with each other, some of the people who have secured rooms in the hall are auctioning the highest bidders.

In a telegram message seen by The Straits Times, a handful of students list their rooms for rent, with prices up to $ 900 per month.

This is twice the rent the university charges for one unair-conditioned room in one of NTU’s new halls. These rooms do not have a private bathroom.

NTU’s most expensive hostel room costs $ 635 per month and consists of a single bedroom with air conditioning and bathroom.

The auctioned room does not have a bathroom and is either a single room or a double room.

Most of the rooms offered by Telegram also do not have air conditioning.

A third-grade student told ST that it was unfair for some students to try to benefit from this situation.

“If they can rent it, it means they don’t need a room,” he said.

“But instead of refusing to provide room from the hall, they’re just trying to make money at the expense of those who actually need a place to stay.”

Some correspondence showed that local students were asking for a deposit for the room they provided.

Others wanted a full prepayment.

When asked about living arrangements for renting a room, the students said they would live with their family and go to school.

A NTU spokesman said students who found renting a room in the assigned hall face disciplinary action, including eviction or ban on the hall.

“Residents who no longer need on-campus housing must return the hall placement so that they can be offered to the following qualified students:

“Under the rules of the hall, residents must not sublease their room or have someone else take over the room with or without financial consideration,” a spokesman added.

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