Miami (AFP)-Local officials said on Monday (June 6) that a two-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father in Florida after his parents left a loaded gun.

When police officers were warned on a 911 phone call and arrived at the victim’s house near Orlando on May 26, they had their child’s mother, Marie Ayala, providing CPR to her husband, Reggie Mabry. I found that.

Law enforcement initially believed that a 26-year-old child who died shortly in the hospital shot himself, but the eldest son of the couple’s three children was later triggered by their two-year-old brother, Orange County Sheriff’s Office. I told the investigator. John Mina said at a press conference.

According to court documents, the gun was in a bag that Mabley had placed on the ground, and the child shot his father from behind while playing a video game on his computer.

At the time of the incident, a family of five, including a five-month-old girl, was in the same room.

According to sheriffs, parents were then released on parole after multiple crimes of child neglect and substance use.

“Gun owners who haven’t properly fixed their firearms are only a second away from one of these tragedy happening at home,” Mina said.

“Now these young children have virtually lost their parents. Their father is dead. Their mother is in jail. And the young child knows that he shot his father and lives their lives. You have to live, “added the sheriff.

Such tragedy is not uncommon in the United States.

In August 2021, another two-year-old kid found a gun left in Paw Patrol’s backpack and shot deadly at his mother’s head while attending a video conference.

Recent accidents also occur when discussions on gun control intensify in the country after several mass shootings in supermarkets, hospitals, elementary schools, etc.

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