Petaling Jaya (THE STAR)-When a delivery rider touches the hearts of Malaysians, the determination of a young man to carry his baby on a motorcycle while trying to achieve his goals.

A video of an unnamed man was posted on Instagram on Thursday (June 16th) by celebrity preacher Ebit Lew.

“Brother, you’re a great person. You’ll find that you’re sincere in caring for your kids,” said Facebook user Aminur Fathi.

Another Facebook user, Muhamad Khairi Kassim, said the man proved that his loving father would do anything for his family.

“This is the love of my father … he is willing to sacrifice whatever he needs to get a little happiness for his family,” he said.

Liew, who also posted a video on Facebook, said his father had to rent a bike-in-law to work as a delivery rider while his wife worked at a clothing store.

“I was sad when I saw a video of this brother carrying a child while working as a delivery rider,” Liu said.

“They don’t have enough money. He was crying when we met today. I’m glad to see him.”

Liu told the man to buy a motorcycle and look for a nanny. He offered to pay the nanny’s monthly fee.

“At some point we think we’re having a hard time, others may make it worse,” he said.

“When he is given a bike, we can see his tears, which makes us feel more grateful.”

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