Singapore: A man repeatedly attacked and threatened to kill his girlfriend over the course of three months, hitting her with a knife and scissors on her body and choking her with a kitchen towel holder.

After accusing his girlfriend of meeting another man, 30-year-old Paartiban Maniam also broke her phone, swallowed a SIM card, and tore her passport.

He was imprisoned on Wednesday (June 22nd) for seven months and three weeks, and the day after he was found guilty of six criminal intimidations, he voluntarily caused injuries and mischief.

Six more charges were considered for the ruling. Several assaults were carried out while he was on bail.

The factory operator, Manium, had a relationship with his 38-year-old girlfriend for a couple of years at the time of the crime earlier this year.

They lived with the victim’s uncle until late January. The victim ended the relationship from late February to early March this year.

Hit her with a kitchen towel holder

The court heard earlier on January 23 that Manium and his girlfriend were in a fight while having a drink with a friend and accused her of being with another man.

On the void deck of their block, he slapped and beat the victim. At her house, he took a knife and hovered over her girlfriend’s thighs, placed it very close to her neck and threatened to kill her.

He also hit his girlfriend’s head with a wooden kitchen towel holder. She was upset and she used it to hit him back.

The victim’s uncle tried to disband the battle and eventually called the police. Manium was arrested early on January 24th.

The victim was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild head injury and was given a three-day illness.

Tear her passport

On February 28, when the maniam appeared outside the house, the victims had a supper and were talking on the phone. She refused to include him.

The maniam was upset and was able to force the metal gate to pull off the wall. Then he entered the unit, picked up the phone of her victim and hit her face.

The maniam took a fruit knife and pointed it at the victim’s chest, followed by a discussion in Tamil saying, “Today I will definitely kill you.”

He eventually dropped the knife, then picked up the scissors and pointed it at her stomach, repeatedly threatening to kill her.

The victim calmed him down until he dropped the scissors, after which he hit her on the shoulder. He shouted at her and continued to beat her, telling her to pack up her luggage and leave with him.

He also took her passport and tore it, and told the victim to obey him. She was scared and followed his instructions.

When they went downstairs, the victim made an excuse that she had forgotten something and had passers-by call her to the police. Manium was arrested again that night.

Hold a sharp object around her neck

During the final assault on March 11, Manium met the victims and asked them to return their belongings. He pulled her into her parking lot when they were on the ground floor of her residence.

He said he wanted to kill the victim that day and tried to flag a taxi to Little India, but the victim refused to drive. Then he pulled her to some stone benches.

Manium took out a metal bottle cap, chewed it, sharpened it, and fixed it to the victim’s neck.

He checked her phone and accused her of calling another man the day before. Then he swallowed her SIM card and hit her phone on the bench several times.

He also took out a bottle of shochu and tried to swing it towards the victim’s head, but it did not attack her. Manium drank shochu, broke an empty bottle and placed it near the victim’s neck.

“He told her that he would kill her today, and after he killed her, he would kill himself,” a court document said.

He then wrapped his right arm around her neck and choked her with her hands until she felt pain.

The maniam left only when he saw a police car coming to the patrol. The victim then turned to the police for help.

Deputy prosecutor Seah EeWei demanded seven to ten months’ imprisonment, emphasizing that the maniam was drunk during several crimes.

“He has shown that he has assaulted the victim, hurt her property, and ignored her physical integrity and her property,” the prosecutor said.

A person convicted of criminal intimidation can be sentenced to up to two years in prison, a fine, or both.

Penalties for voluntary injury are up to 3 years in prison, up to a fine of S $ 5,000, or both.

A mischievous person can be sentenced to up to two years in prison, a fine, or both.

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