Video Road rage license plate throwing case The virus broke out on Saturday (July 9th), causing not only a humorous meme, but also some of the people involved were allegedly victims of doxing.

The police said The Straits Times A report has been submitted for the reported doxing. Doxxing occurs when people “usually maliciously search for and publish personal or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet.”

Information and photos of a woman who blocked the black Toyota Alphard with her body were shared after the incident, although she furiously threw it at the windshield after removing the license plate and scraping the red Kia car.

A man who posted a video on social media appealed to netizens to stop exposing the woman who was driving the red Kia car and her fellow men.

Individuals convicted of sharing personally identifiable information for harassment, violence, or fear of violence will be fined $ 5,000 or imprisoned for up to one year. You will be fined.

A video of what happened during heavy traffic on the second drink between Singapore and Malaysia was posted on the Facebook pages of SG Road Vigilante – SGRV and Complaint Singapore.

This shows that the woman successfully blocked the vehicle with her body with one hand and removed the vehicle’s license plate before throwing it on the windshield.

Strait times reported on July 10 that a woman had been wanted by Malaysian police for committing mischief.

The man who shared the video online is 25-year-old Muhammed Haziq. His family was in a black Toyota where a woman stopped and tried to throw a license plate, but he wasn’t with him.

He now says he feels sorry for the woman and her family and has appealed to others to stop sharing information about them.

Mr. Muhammad is said to have stated in ST as follows. “I don’t know if it’s really a woman or a man is her husband. My family doesn’t know what we want to believe online.

But if it’s her, I believe the way she’s being treated is unfair to her. I hope people stop posting her pictures. “

He added that the woman went out and shared a video to solve the problem, “My dad just wants to repair his car and wants to claim the damage caused by the woman. I will. ” / TISG

A woman angry with another driver for a lane change blocks the vehicle, removes the license plate and infuriates it on the windshield

Posts after the angry woman on Viral Road are allegedly exposed.The man who posted the video first appeared on The Independent Singapore News, urging netizens to stop harassing-latest and latest news

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