After a city-wide three-day nucleic acid test, a total of 677,586 people have been NATed, and so far 542,692 have been confirmed to be Covid-19 negative.

From the total, 21 batches of pooled samples (10 samples per pooled sample) were tested positive for Covid-19. All suspicious cases (meaning 210) are currently undergoing an additional sample of examination..At the beginning of today, the number of batches to be rechecked 16 – increased from the previous 11 batches..

A complete summary of sampling locations and times for new preliminary Covid-19 positive cases is still being compiled by health authorities. The details below are the latest details released.

June 20

– Women’s General Association of Macau Multi Service Building Test Stations around 3:25 pm and 11:35 pm.
– A kindergarten at the Louhaus Cool Test Station around 7:30 pm.
– Puichin Junior High School Test Station around 7:30 pm.
– Tap Seac Multisport (Pavilion A) around 7:45 pm.

June 21

– Escola Catolica Estrelado Mar Test Station around 2:05 am

Citizens who have undergone a nucleic acid test (NAT) at the above times and places Autoantigen test Upload results within 2 days after NAT online..

Those who have not experienced NAT must do it at their own expense by 3 pm today.Otherwise everyone will risk them Health code turns yellow They are sent by police to a designated location for testing, where they have to wait there until the test results are negative.

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