By the end of 2024, a new 500-meter elevated road has been set up between the peninsula and the Zone A landfill.

The flyover runs from Avenida 1 de Maio near the Macau Peninsula wastewater treatment plant in the Areia Preta area to Zone A off the northeast coast of the peninsula.

An unsealed bid from the Office of Public Works (DSOP) submitted by 15 construction companies for the project on Thursday. All bids have been accepted.

According to the agency, estimates proposed by 15 bidders range from 186 million MOP to 233.9 million MOP.

The bureau has set a maximum of 630 business days for the winning bidder to complete the project. The construction period proposed by 15 bidders ranges from 567 to 570 business days.

The flyover has two lanes, one in each direction. The bureau expects the project to begin construction in the fourth quarter.

The project will also include a 300-meter pedestrian bridge connecting Zone A with the northeastern coast of the peninsula. The pedestrian bridge, built next to the elevated road, links the current pedestrian bridge from the coastal walking area to the nearby reservoir. Walking area.

Zone A is now a lively Oriental Pearl Roundabout (Rotunda da Amizade) on the northeastern coast of the peninsula, connected to the peninsula by only one link (Avenida Doutor Ma Man Kei). Vehicles traveling to and from the artificial island (138 hectares east of Zone A), where the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge border crossing is located, are currently only available on this link.

Photo courtesy of the Office of Public Works

The project to build an elevated road connecting the peninsula and Zone A began in March last year. The one-way flyover continues from Avenidad Nordeste in the Array Appreta district to Zone A and then to Avenidada Ponteda Amizard, which leads to the Macau-Taipa Friendship Bridge, by crossing the busy Oriental Pearl roundabout. This means that vehicles entering the flyover from Avenida do Nordeste can choose to move to either Zone A or the Friendship Bridge.

According to DSOP, the Rotunda da Amizade elevated road project, priced at 179 million MOP, is expected to be completed in November this year.

Zone A is primarily developed for public housing projects, with many plots allocated for private housing projects. Several public housing projects are currently underway there, Macau Post Daily reported.

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