The local tourism industry feels “desperate and desperate” in the outlook for another disastrous summer vacation tourism season after a recent community pandemic. (Monday).

Health officials said this afternoon the number of confirmed cases associated with recent community outbreaks in Macau increased to 36, most businesses in the city were closed or shut down, border restrictions became stricter, and SAR and China He reported that movement between the mainland was hindered again. Its main source of tourists.

The president of the association showed MNA earlier this month that the recovery of the tourism industry brought about by the Dragon Boat Festival kept their expectations high. And the overall economy.[ectationquicklydashedbytheexpectedimpactofthenewCovid-19casesinthecity’stourismindustryandtheoveralleconomy[ectationquicklydashedbytheexpectedimpactofthenewCovid-19casesinthecity’stourismindustryandtheoveralleconomy

FCMs have already estimated that local casino revenue aggregates are likely to be near zero again in the coming weeks, months after game results are already low.

“There are no optimistic expectations for the summer tourist season,” said a sector official, as the current pandemic situation has closed most of the city’s venues and has spread fear to mainland tourists. Declared.

“This new wave of pandemics has closed Macau as a whole. In Macau, the word” tourism “has already disappeared,” Ren said.

The Government of Macau has requested that all food and beverage businesses be temporarily suspended from food services due to increased pandemic risk. Most public facilities have been closed and all educational activities in higher education institutions and non-higher education schools have been suspended.

“This time it’s very difficult because there are so many cases confirmed locally, but the cause of the outbreak is still unknown, so there is increasing uncertainty,” said the association’s president. Was discovered, and now we can only wait for the results of the city-wide covid nucleic acid test. “

“Mainland tourists are now losing confidence in Macau,” Len emphasized. Virus to them. “

Ren also noted that the neighboring city of Chuhai is currently implementing strict pandemic measures as the pandemic situation in Macau has brought a high level of uncertainty to Chuhai.

The Zhuhai Disease Control and Prevention Center will implement a 7 + 7 system divided into 7 days of home quarantine and 7 days of home health for people who entered Zhuhai from Macau from June 15th, including the same day yesterday. Announced that it is necessary. Nucleic acid testing should be performed on monitoring, days 1, 3, 7, and 14.

Affected individuals cannot leave their homes for the first 7 days, but for the next 7 days only for very necessary reasons, not including returning to work or school.

The border remains open, but travelers leaving Macau must provide a negative test result within 24 hours. Meanwhile, Zhuhai has announced that people traveling to Macau need a negative COVID test within 48 hours before crossing the border.

Meanwhile, the president of the association emphasized that “the tourism industry was completely disappointed” after three years of repeated pandemics, and “the higher the expectations, the more disappointed” the industry “has no hope.” I added.

“There is no hope in the industry. We have already lost many holiday seasons,” Leng said. I wish the pandemic would end soon. “”

The chairman also said the tourism industry is now “suffering” as government-sponsored local tour plans have been canceled and “only support” has been suspended.

The local tour plan “Stay, Dine and See Macau” was suspended this week due to a pandemic, affecting about 6,000 residents who were scheduled to participate in the plan.

“We can only expect the government to find the source sooner. If the pandemic is not stable, we will all be desperate,” he emphasized.

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