The total number of Covid-19 cases in Macau reached 1,615 as of midnight last night. Only 32 cases were recorded in the last 24 hours, compared to 57 cases registered the day before (July 11) and 59 cases recorded the day before (July 10).

21 cases detected under management and control Red code zone Only 11 were detected in the community, but a medical observation hotel.

At a press conference yesterday, Leong Iek Hou, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said 25 patients were discharged yesterday, bringing the total to 165.

As of 8 am today, a total of 19,956 people, including 3,110 close contacts, 11,080 itinerary duplications, 935 secondary contacts, 254 general contacts, and 766 companions. Is following up.

The center also said that as of 8 am this morning, a total of 458,306 samples were collected in the eighth round of the city-wide NAT program, of which 396,746 were negative in the test. Only three batches of pooled samples tested positive.

The eighth round of mass NAT starts at 9am yesterday and ends at 6pm today. Do a test Police will be taken to a designated location for the exam, and those who refuse to take the exam will be subject to compulsory medical observation for 14 days at the designated location.

Before going to the NAT center, everyone had a self-managed rapid antigen test (RAT) Upload the results For Macau Health Law.

Only people with a negative RAT result can enter the testing center, but those with a positive result can immediately call 119, 120, or 2857222 for help, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. is needed.

In the current city-wide test, 5 RAT kits will be distributed to each person, and in the next round everyone will be provided with 10 KN95 masks.

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