A total of 88 new positive cases were reported yesterday (Thursday), bringing the total number of recent regional outbreaks since June 18 to 1,303.

These included 31 cases detected in controlled and controlled Red Code Zones and medical observation hotels. We found 13 close contacts, 33 Citywide NAT and Key Groups NAT, and 11 within the community.

Among them, a total of 41 tubes of mixed sample were tested positive and the rest were negative.

667,597 samples were collected during the fifth round of the city-wide NAT program, which took place from 9 am on July 6 to 6 pm on July 7.

The 6th City-Whole NAT Round is underway, starting today at 9am and continuing until 6pm on Saturday, July 9th.

Health officials have previously stated that they will wait for the results of three mass trial rounds this week to assess and decide whether to relax or limit current policies.

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