House Speaker McKeeba Bush appears to have once again escaped a no-confidence vote against him after the opposition’s planned vote to remove him from office was rejected Wednesday.

Opposition leader Roy McTaggart said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that the motion in parliament scheduled for Friday had not been accepted.

Opposition leader Roy McTaggart.

“This afternoon I received a notice from the Clerk of Congress that the Vice Speaker of Congress has filed a motion regarding a ‘Lack of Confidence in the Speaker’ which I have filed and which Ms. Barbara Connolly, Congressional Representative for South Georgetown, has supported. not approved. said McTaggart.

He said no explanation for the disapproval was provided.

“This motion complies in all respects with the House’s Rules of Procedure, and it is therefore surprising and alarming that it appears to have been arbitrarily dismissed for no reasons given.” He said.

McTaggart described the action as “unprecedented” in his experience and said he had written a letter to Vice-Chairman Katherine Ebanks Wilkes demanding he provide “substantial reasons” for not accepting the motion. .

“The Cayman Islands have had a sound democracy for many years. In the Westminster parliamentary system, officials such as the Speaker should remain in office as long as they enjoy the trust of the elected majority. There is one thing to be aware of,” he recalled.

Although he did not say what the opposition’s next steps would be, McTaggart reiterated his support for the motion.

“Despite calls from various individuals in the Cayman Islands, including the Prime Minister and the Governor, for the Speaker of the House to resign, no reason has been given for not allowing this important motion to be debated. Together with my colleagues, we believe this motion addresses an important concern not only for all those who live in the Cayman Islands, but also for those who do business here,” he said.

of compass needle We have reached out to Ebanks-Wilks to clarify why the motion was denied. We are waiting for your response.

taken by surprise

Congress was originally scheduled to meet on October 5th, but last week it was postponed by two days without explanation and the date of the meeting was changed to Friday October 8th.

This gave Congressman Dwayne Seymour the time he needed to introduce a new motion to strengthen support for the government.

They had the same opportunities and were confident in the safety of their new motion, but it seemed like an opposition team.

Speaking on Radio Cayman’s ‘For The Record’ early Wednesday morning, McTaggart said, “That two-day extension gave us a real windfall.”

“After the deadline for the chairman’s resignation passed, we said we would wait to see how things were resolved and how things progressed. We were so close, but we didn’t make it in time.” The two-day extension really gave us an opportunity…to deal with it and…do our best to make sure it is heard at the next session of Congress. I will do my best,” he said.

It was the first time McTaggart had submitted his own motion last Friday, backed by Georgetown Southern Rep. Barbara Connolly, that Bush had not submitted his resignation.

It was the latest development in a surge of pressure to remove Bush from the role of honor.

This followed Prime Minister Wayne Panton’s renewed call last week for President Bush to resign after calling for the resignation of MPs by September 23.

Removing the chairman is not an easy process, and a vote requires two-thirds of Congressional support to force Bush out of office in the absence of a full resignation.

Opposition parties remain unsure of the PACT government’s debate motion filed on September 21.

Through that motion, they seek to remove the current government from office and form a “competent coalition” to exercise jurisdiction for the remainder of the current term.

McTaggart, who introduced the motion, with the support of his deputy Joey Hew, appealed to all members of Congress to support the proposal.

But there is also a counter-movement filed by Congressman Dwayne Seymour, asking Congress to support the incumbent government.

The one-line motion, backed by East End Rep. Isaac Rankin and Savannah Rep. Heather Bodden, simply states, “Resolve Congress to declare full confidence in the government.”

Additional reporting by Norma Connolly

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