Doha: The Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) index fell 4.37.2 points from the balance at the end of the third week of June, down 4.1% to the level of 13.12,562 points. Various global and regional markets these days.

Financial analyst Ramzi Qasmieh is a support point in a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), despite a decline in the Qatar Stock Exchange’s index closing at a level of 12562 points. I confirmed that I was confirming the unity at 12500 points. Those levels at the beginning of the transaction in the last session of the week to re-raise to level lockout.

The term support refers to the point where it is very difficult for the index to go down. In other words, it reaches a certain point in the process of continuous decline, but it immediately falls back and rises again, so this point is a support point.

The fall in the Qatar Stock Exchange index over the weekend is the result of interest rate hikes, global and regional market instability until the impact of the decision is absorbed, and the results of the semi-annual FTSE review at the same time as the weekend trading. Affects the level of liquidity, which reached 2.4 billion QR on the last day of trading.

By the weekend, Qasmieh said the Qatar index will lose 4.1% of its value in the orthodontic movement, much like financial markets witness in the world and territories.

The Qatar Stock Exchange weekly report showed a 3.61% decrease when the market value at the end of the week reached QR705.803bn, compared to last week’s level of QR732.281bn.

Financial analysts said the direct results of the FTSE review had a clear impact on banks, as the weights of the three major banks increased, while the weights of some companies, such as Qatar National Bank and Industries Qatar, decreased slightly. Pointed out that he gave.

The report showed that the value of the stock trading for the week ending today reached 4,912 million QR through the sale of 953.727 million shares carried out by closing 111,528 transactions. In conclusion, reading the stock index weekly, he said that in addition to pressure, the banking sector was basically clearly declining, as it fell by about 3.5%, the largest weight for listed companies. In the industrial sector, which was driven by QAMCO stocks and fell by about 6%

He pointed out that the best performing stocks are Qatar’s general insurance and WOQOD stocks, while commercial banks and QAMCO are the worst performing stocks.

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