Just five years ago, it was hard to imagine crochet taking off among this digital generation. With time and repetition, it felt like a good pastime for the elderly. Even the famous woman who professed to love it, she is from that generation. I think they are actresses Cher (75 years old), Meryl Streep (72 years old), and Vice President Kamala Harris (57 years old) in the United States.

This all changed with the pandemic. Suddenly, this traditional handicraft has become a popular blockade activity across age groups. Not only hobbies, but also slow fashion trends permeate many young people’s wardrobes.

How she hooked

What was the exact rejuvenation of this outdated handicraft once? “Crochet fashion has moved away from the shawl and the very vintage-looking pieces it was associated with,” Sim observed.

“People have begun to make fashionable clothes like miniskirts and crop tops. More celebrities and influential people have begun to wear crochet items and tutorials have been created on how to make them. I did.

“Many people have seen fashionable crochet suddenly happen, keeping up with the times to make their own items or ask creators,” she added.

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