Netflix users remain divided over JK Rowling’s mention in The Sandman.

Two bonus episodes were added to the streaming service on Friday, two weeks after the Neil Gaiman adaptation was released, causing excitement among fans of the show.

In the second part, written by Catherine Smith McMullen, the Harry Potter author is mentioned in a scene that occurred during the release of fictional author Richard Maddock’s (Arthur Darvill) book.

The scene, set in August 2020, reveals that “every major studio wants Maddock’s work,” with the author saying that “anyone who lets him write and direct” him. We are planning to make a film adaptation of the novel by

One character said, “They can’t even let Joe Rowling write and direct.” Please tell her to call me. ”

In recent years, Rowling has made headlines by sharing her views on transgender rights. There was backlash at first. “There must have been a word for those people back in the day,” she wrote, adding: Umben? Winpad? Umad? ”

The scene was set two months after the controversy, so she was criticized for being anti-trans and transphobic.

Some viewers read Rowling’s mention of needing a “new agent” as a bargain for Rowling.

One of the many tweets that read, “Oh my God, JK Rowling’s bargain, I’m howling,” and another read: “Not Neil Gaiman shading Joe Rowling in The Sandman.”

However, others called the show out for reference. Some believed it was just a nod to the author’s success, while others felt the reference to Rowling detracted from the enjoyment of the series.

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“New Sandman episode mentions J.K. Rowling in a positive light,” wrote one fan, adding:

Rowling recently found herself embroiled in a high-profile argument with author Joanne Harris after claiming she didn’t stand by her when she received death threats for her views on transgender people. I got

The author’s accusations centered on Chocolat writer Harris’ position as union president of the Writers’ Association and Rowling’s controversial opinions on trans politics.

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