A self-proclaimed real-life psychopath used social media to share some of his innermost thoughts, such as how his wife felt “like a pet.”

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SG Whispers, netizens wrote, “I was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder when I was a toddler, but I’m not antisocial.” He added that he loves interacting with people because they are “very predictable and easy to operate.”

“Emotional people do illogical things. I don’t like them, but it’s fun to play with them. Netizens say,” Like a game, make people feel their way. I always know what to say for that. “

The man worked in sales, calling it a “very easy job,” and added that he was able to earn more than six digits a year. He also added that he was married but felt nothing to his wife.

“I don’t love my wife. She’s convenient. She’s more like a pet. Like any other pet owner, I take care of her until she dies,” he writes. I am. He said his wife loved him and thought he was her best husband in the world, but he was fooling her with over 100 women.

“My kids are also my props. I treat them well, make them happy and they will love me forever. I live an ideal life. High income, Loving families, cute kids, and many women, I’m bored, “he writes.

The netizens who commented on the post seemed quite skeptical. They also felt that the man seemed to be channeling the characters in the movie.

In another interesting post, the 40-year-old netizen claimed he had no luck with the girl or had been dating for a lifetime and sought answers from the public about his recent proposal.

An anonymous post on the popular confession page SG Whispers states that men have a good career and can lead a decent life, though not wealthy. In a June 9th post, he added: Now I want to crowdsource opinions to make my decision. “

The man continued that he recently met a cute man. He wrote that this guy would go looking for a girl with him for about two months. And that eventually led to the pair becoming good friends. “We didn’t succeed in finding the woman we wanted, so we hang out to eat at night,” the netizens write.

Netizens found a man to marry him at the cost of a sex change operation in Thailand after struggling to find a girlfriend

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