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Shane Ross: Yesterday’s man needs to start moving forward

“When Michelle hands over to Leo in December, they need to look like a new government with fresh thinking and a good shake-up for the team.”

Brendan O’Connor: When we see what our neighbors are doing, we should count the lucky stars

“As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson can argue that he has done more to destroy Britain at home and abroad than anyone who has actively tried to destroy Britain.”

Julia Moloney: Surrogacy can be born of financial need and love

“Irish surrogacy is not regulated. Biological mothers who give birth to babies using a pregnant carrier are not currently recognized as legitimate parents of their child. Instead, they After taking care of your child for two years, you must apply for a legal guardian. “

Colm McCarthy: Metrolink — Eamon Ryan’s € 10 billion plan to fix something that isn’t broken

“How many more important services can be sacrificed at the altar of the movement to catch up with Jones?”

Colin Murphy: Boris wanted to beat Europe like Churchill, but left a wasteland instead

“The character’s flaws meant that the downfall of Tory leaders was only a matter of time, but his legacy is bitter.”

Frances Fitzgerald: Do we need to enshrine the right to privacy in our Constitution after the US beating in the Roe v. Wade case?

“In Ireland, right to privacy has constitutional protection despite the fact that it is not explicitly mentioned in the text of the Constitution, but the constitutional protection against choice in the United States has recently been overturned. With that in mind, it may be time to consider how secure Ireland’s right to privacy really is. “

Declan Lynch: After Roe, the religious right spills maliciously – that time will come again

“Apart from” torturing “the United States, all polls are in favor of the situation that existed under the Roe v. Wade case, a case settled by the U.S. Supreme Court dominated by Catholic militants. It shows that there is a majority against overthrow. “

Luke O’Neill: Catch up with a Covid curve ball

“The relentless story of Covid-19 continues to throw us a curve ball. The latest variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is predominant in many countries, including Ireland, is called BA.5. It is the most infectious to date. Studies have shown that it is in the same league as the scab virus when it comes to how contagious it is. “

Fiona Sherlock: There’s a much stranger thing between good and evil …

“What about teens fighting monsters that resonate very strongly with us, like the Netflix show in Ireland and actually the most watched in the world? Maybe it’s another understanding of pandemic. How? “

Eilis O’Hanlon: Beware: Anyone who makes Johnson successful at number 10 may be even worse

“Some people seem to want the fall of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to mark the beginning of the end of a difficult, but at least divisive era, if not the end. Celebrating the end of populism. People should probably put the party on the ice. When Joe Biden entered the White House, they said the same thing, and it wasn’t. “

Máiría Cahill: Sinn Féin and Boris are more similar than admit

“When the turmoil dominated in Downing Street, Mary Lou McDonald told the media that the Sinn Féin party was” actively considering “a vote of no confidence in the Martin administration next week. ..

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