An image released by the US space agency “NASA” showed the sun to have three dark black spots, resembling eye and smile sockets.

NASA said, “The dark spots on the sun visible through ultraviolet light are called coronal holes, the areas where the fast solar wind flows into space,” reports the local Arabic-language daily.

However, scientists noted that “corona holes are open magnetic regions that allow the solar wind to flow out of the sun’s core and cause solar storms.”

Scientists have also shown that “waves flowing out of the hole can reach speeds of 2.9 million kilometers per hour.” This region appears darker because it is cooler and less dense than the surrounding plasma region.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service has warned that a solar storm could hit Earth in the next few days, but reassured it would be from low G1 levels.

Magnetic storm G1 can cause minor fluctuations in the power grid and increase auroral activity at the poles.

The website “Science Alert” describes what happened as the so-called “Paladrian” phenomenon, that is, “when you see things like faces in random patterns.” I got the.”

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