Halfton At the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, ​​Spain, the first bullfighting since 2019, bullfighting defeated thrill-seekers and five were taken to the hospital on Thursday. No one was killed, but some people were trampled or beaten on the cobbled paved roads of the northern medieval cities in the first eight Brulan games early in the morning of the festival. According to a Red Cross spokesman, one suffered a leg injury, the other hit his head during a fall, and a teenager hurt his arm. Six bulls, guided by six domesticated steers that keep the herd together, have passed through the sea of ​​thousands of runners. Most of them wore white clothes with red neck scarves.

After the start gun, the holding pengate opens, the bulls rush into the street, urging the first group of runners to race off, many runners jumping out of the way, or when the puck goes through the barrel. I fell into. More and more runners are joining in different places along the carefully boarded route, and when racing along the 850 meter (2,790 ft) course to the city’s bull ring, which one is in the corner of the animal. I just checked if it was close.

After the “Enciero” (Bullan) at the Festival of San Fermin, participants are defeated by young cows.

Gordon McDonald, a 46-year-old IT worker from Glasgow, said, “The Bulls were dressed in tight packs and immediately steam-rolled, so it was over.” “It’s been a while since I ran here, so everyone was nervous and I couldn’t remember exactly what would happen,” he told AFP. The bull finishes the course in 2 minutes and 35 seconds, plunges into the ring and is later killed by a bullfight.

“I’m glad I was alive”

Immediately after the race, many people were still excited. “It gave me such a thrill, a real adrenaline rush … it was great,” said Nico Falcon, a student from Andalusia who joined the runner. “We just took off when we saw the crowd running like this. As soon as we turned the corner, the bull was right there. It was a hellish experience,” said 30. Said American businessman Roger Sandhu.

People from all over the world gather in Pamplona to test their courage. We also enjoy a combination of festival 24-hour parties, religious processes and concerts. “Looking back, I saw the biggest bull I’ve ever seen in my life,” California-born 29-year-old lawyer Arsh Brah told AFP that he saw the first exit and ran shortly. .. “I’m glad I’m still alive!” According to the organizers, many runners spend time preparing for the race and trying to avoid traditional 24-hour drinking before taking part in the race starting at 8am. increase.

But others pay attention to the wind. “You see people (running) in flip-flops, and if security sees them, they pull them out, and if people who are completely drunk see them, they also take them out. “Masu,” said 28-year-old Nester Morinette-an old runner in Pamplona.

“But there are a lot of people doing that.” The annual festival, which became famous for Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises, was last held in 2019. .. The civil war in Spain from 1936 to 1939. Since 1910, 16 people have died in the bulls. The last death occurred in 2009. – AFP

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