The United Nations Human Rights Commission has asked the Macau government about excluding candidates for democracy from the 2021 legislative elections and is “serious” about possible violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Concerns. “

According to the government broadcaster TDM, between the three in Macau Meeting with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (HRC), the Commission also expressed concern about the “very strict measures” of imprisonment imposed in Macau. Recent outbreaks of Covid-19..

During the two-hour video conference, the UN HRC asked the Macau delegation, led by Executive and Justice Secretary Andre Chung, about the implementation of the ICCPR.

Shuichi Furuya of the United Nations said the Commission will see if the measures adopted by the Macau government are compatible with rights following the recent outbreak of Covid-19, which has infected five dead and more than 1,600 people. He said he wanted to know. Guaranteed by the Basic Law and ICCPR. “

“Whether the effective application of these restrictions is compatible with the Agreement must be determined according to its necessity and proportion and must not violate the rights guaranteed by the Agreement,” he said. rice field.

In response, Chung argued that “generally, measures do not affect people’s lives,” and according to this program outlined by the government, daily infections are 100 to 20 or more per day at peak times. “Reduced” to 30.

“Adopting these measures will in fact inconvenience the lives of the people and limit their fundamental rights, but we believe that the most fundamental right is the right to life,” Chung said. He said.

Vasilka Sancin, a member of the UN Commission, also expressed “serious concern” to the Macau delegation that the exclusion of legislative assembly candidates constitutes a “serious breach” of the rights set out in the Covenant. I told him.

In his response, Macau’s Legal Affairs Bureau Director Liu Dexue pointed out that according to the Basic Law, all permanent residents can run for legislative elections. But that right is “not absolute.”

He has the right to check candidates who may be considered ineligible if the Macau SAR (MSAR) Election Commission does not uphold basic law or is not considered loyal to MSAR. I added that I have.

Mr. Chung promises that Macau will continue to “promote various measures to protect human rights” and “make every effort to implement the provisions” of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Guaranteed to the UN Commission. Provisions of Macau’s Basic Law “.

Between 13 and 15 July, the United Nations HRC territory in connection with the issuance of the Second Report on the Implementation of Relevant Provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with Representatives of the Government of MSAR. I analyzed the progress of.

“The Government of Macau is confident that this assessment will help the Commission better understand the progress in the human rights sector since Macau’s return to its homeland,” said the Office of the Secretary of State for Justice.

Click the video * below to view the entire 135th session of the Commission on Human Rights (CCPR).

* Due to a technical issue at the beginning of this meeting, the first 10-15 minutes are missing.

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