I compressed it and locked it. And are they all safe?

It’s not perfect, but I’m doing a round online with this video.

Shows how to open the bag with a locked zipper using a simple ballpoint pen.

The tip of the pen is pushed into the zipper’s teeth, pushing the zipper away.

And there, the bag is open.

The lock is never selected or tampered with.

You can close the bag again by pulling it back along the zipper.

And after it’s locked, it looks like it never opened.


Why locks are useless. Use stickers or latches on your luggage.

♬ Original sound-Raudhah 🌺

Now that the post-pandemic trip has begun, it should pause when packing.

Responses to video vary, with some happy to notice the vulnerability and others asking:

Well, there is a simple solution.

One is to wrap the bag in plastic. This service is available at Changi Airport for only $ 5.

The other is to buy a luggage strap.

Like wraps, it also has the advantage of preventing the bag from exploding while traveling.

If you tend to overload your bag, this can be a real danger and not only can you lose your stuff, but it can also cause serious embarrassment.

A cross strap is recommended, but a single strap that goes through the handle of the bag and is firmly secured should work.

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